Twine game reflection

My experience making a Twine game was challenging yet interesting. Since I was doing it on my own and taking all the roles, I had the freedom to steer the story to the direction I want without compromising with anyone else. Learning how to use Twine and making sense of the mechanics was a problem at first. After knowing how Twine work, I immediately thinking of Tangaroa Deep, a game we played this semester, since it involves picking out options to progress through the game. I wanted to create a game that follows a chronological order but at the same time has multiple unpredictable outcomes depending on how a player plays the game. Tieing that idea with a social issue, I made a video vlog type of game in which I show a day in the life of a college student in the pandemic. This kind of daily vlogs were really popular on youtube in the past and I think they are even more relevant now when life satisfaction is low.

Overall, I think the presentation turned out well and I made some progress in writing the plot. The overall tone of the game is depressive and monotonous, which are emotions and thoughts of my character. Going forward, I will make a tragedy happen, possibly suicide of a fellow classmate due to mental health issues and some unfortunate events. This will cause the main character to be grateful for what he/she is having compared to others in these trying times – a roof to stay under, strong internet connection, an education he deserves, etc.

Making a Twine game was also a unique experience. It forces me to think in multiple scenarios and dimensions rather than linearly like how I usually write an essay or story. I find it similar to coding as well, except without an objective. I create the objective for myself. Completing this project is another way I have produced content through written text this semester, as with other methods like writing a podcast episode script, reflecting on my experiences, or liveblogging games. But as stated above, when making a Twine game I have to think of different scenarios and how to connect the branches instead of thinking linearly like in other works. I have learned to think gamefully and write critically through these experiences, and I will carry them to other assignments and classes in the future.

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